U.S. Environmental Products, Inc.


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U.S. Environmental Products, Inc.

Sludge Dewatering Techniques

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Conventional Sand Drying Bed Facility

Sand Drying Bed

Disadvantages of Conventional Sand Beds or Lagoons

Disadvantages of the Gravity Draining, Air Drying Bed

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Advantages of the Vacuum Dewatering Bed System (VDBS)

Operational Procedure “Manual Steps”

Operational Procedure “Automatic Operations & Function”

Operational Procedure Return to “Manual Steps” prior to reloading

Polymer Preparation System

Loading of the Vacuum Bed

Gravity Draining Phase

Motor Operated Filtrate Valves

Dewatered Cake at ± 20 Hrs.

Cake Removal

High Pressure Washdown

Before & After Washdown

Example of Comparative Analysis Summary of Facility Design

Example Comparative Analysis Estimate based on 20-Year Present Worth Basis

Water Plant Application

Installation of Trough Drain Plates

Laying Stone Bed

Installing Filter Media

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Laboratory Analysis

Project Analysis Report

Additional Provided Services

Author: Debbie Barnett

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