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WEF Biosolids 98

The System
20 yr Warranty
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WEF Biosolids 98


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Technical Paper:

Solving a Water Plant Sludge Problem

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Field Service

USEP has field technicians with over 12 years experience.

These technicians will supervise the installation as well as start-up and train plant personnel in proper use of the system.

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Customer Service

USEP will periodically inspect your system to review operating procedures and equipment.  You can at anytime send a sludge sample to have us verify type of polymer and dosage, loading rates, quality of sludge and performance.   You can call USEP to help troubleshoot your dewatering problems.

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Lab Services

Our fully equipped laboratory is capable of analyzing most types of sludges as well as running bench scale pilot plants.

Highly-trained and experienced technicians are ready t test sludge to determine its dewatering characteristics, the most economical polymer and dosage, lading rates and performance which can be expected from the sludge sample.

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Engineering Services

USEP stands ready to submit complete engineering designs, estimates and the costs of operations.  If desired, these can be compared to other types of dewatering methods using EPA and other currently accepted criteria to provide 20-year present worth cost-effective analyses.  Standard 24" x 36" construction drawings are available which can be tailored to specific sites.

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The following are available from USEP: laboratory analysis, performance criteria development, construction and operational cost estimates, engineering design, specification development, field installation assistance, start-up supervision and training, ongoing & post startup inspection, repair and retrofit consultation & implementation, expansion of existing facilities.


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