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The Vacuum Sludge Dewatering Bed uses a simple, efficient and cost-effective technology. It has become the system of choice for many sludge dewatering applications throughout the world. It accomplishes rapid dewatering of most types of municipal waste and water treatment sludges, as well as a variety of industrial sludges.

The Vacuum Sludge Dewatering Bed system combines the overall simplicity ofVacuum Sludge Bed conventional sand beds with the faster handling of sludges associated with mechanical systems. For most sludges, the result can be a liftable cake suitable for handling within 24 hours.

System incorporates versatile and efficient operation, low labor and maintenance costs, low energy costs, low chemical costs, and overall cost.


Established in 1978
Over 170 associates and employees
Manufacturer of Vacuum Sludge Dewatering System
Over 20 years experience in sludge dewatering on WTP residuals, bio-solids and industrial slurries
Over 200 vacuum beds in operation in 34 states and overseas
The system's operating surface, epoxy bonded rock filter media is warranted for 20 years
Located in Charlotte, NC, invented and made in the USA



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