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WEF Biosolids 98

The System
20 yr Warranty
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WEF Biosolids 98


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Solving a Water Plant Sludge Problem

U.S. Environmental Products, Inc. is the ORIGINAL
manufacturer of the Vacuum Sludge Dewatering System.


USEP has been in business since 1978 and enjoys over 20 years operating experience in the field of Vacuum Sludge dewatering.

The VSDB has successfully been used for municipal waste, water, industrial and agricultural sludges such as:

  • Aerobically Digested (W.A.S.)
  • Aerobically Digested
  • Ferric Sludge (Dewatering and Recovery)
  • Alum (Dewatering and Recovery
  • Lime
  • Primary
  • Oxidation Ditch (Undigested)
  • Livestock Waste
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Utilities
  • Mining Industry
  • Chemical Industry
For more than 20  years USEP has successfully installed over 200 vacuum dewatering systems.

USEP uses only high quality, long lasting components. Over 96% of the original equipment is install in operation. All of USEP’s mechanical and electrical systems use standard parts so replacement is days instead of weeks.

USEP now offers a 20-year limited warranty on its filter media, which is the major component in the system.


The size of the beds is tailored to each of the installations. We presently have installations as small 6’X12’ ranging up to beds 16’X124’, handling up to 20,000lbs. of solids per application . In addition, USEP's VSDB's provide cross-over capabilities that result in minimum down time.


Vacuum Dewatering Beds have successfully been retrofitted in existing sand beds, buildings, or within unusual land constraints.

When Supplemental processing of sludge is required, the VSDB has been used in conjunction with COMPOSTING-PRE-COAT-HEATING-BED ENCLOSURES-SOLAR.


Cyprus Bagdad, AZ '94
Cypress Bagdad Corp.
Lindsborg, KS WWTP '95
White Martin & Associates
St. George, SC WWTP '93
B.P. Barber & Associates
Brentwood Regional,
Citrus Country, FL '94
Henigar & Ray, Inc.
Davidson County, NC
WWTP '94
Cambell Wallace Consulting
Bell County WCID#1
Killeen, TX '90
Wayne Smith & Associates
Hernando Cty.
Brooksville, FL WWTP '93
Wade-Trim, Inc.
West Wendover, NV WWTP '94
Aqua Environmental Services, Inc.
Tremonton City, UT '95
Aqua Environmental Services, Inc. Hovic
Madison, GA WWTP '94
Keck & Wood
Sergio Cuevas WTP '95
Trujillo Alto, PR
Jose A. Melendez & Assoc.
Fort Chiswell, VA WWTP '96
Wythe County, VA
Anderson & Assoc.
Southside, Buford, GA WWTP '90
Keck & Wood, Inc.
Punxsutawney, PA WWTP '98
Vapco Engineering


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